Superrare gives the opportunity: Rich with digital works of art

The crypto ecosystem is multifaceted. This can be seen particularly clearly in the Ethereum ecosystem. In addition to ether, the native token of the Ethereum blockchain, there are different types of tokens. Gone are the days when there were only ERC-20 tokens. In addition to this standard token, which has been used in 250,000 smart contracts to date, there are other token standards. Another particularly well-known standard is the ERC-721. This token standard aims to develop non-fungible tokens. Tokens that are distinguishable from each other are not fungible. In contrast to money, where one euro should not differ from the other, such tokens are optimized to be distinguishable.


Be your own art patron: art trade on super rare

Be it paintings by classics like Rembrandt or modern artists like Banksy: there is a market for art. Art Basel spent over $ 60 billion on artworks in 2019. In addition to purely aesthetic reasons, the monetary value is indispensable for private buyers. The argument about artworks is similar to that of a store of value like Bitcoin. It is even more radical: there is only one piece of an original. If there are always people interested in art, investors have a store of value with a painting at home.