SIX: Exchange enters crypto trading in the United States

Swiss stock exchange secures entry into US market

Just yesterday we reported on new activities of the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, which is cooperating with the derivative developer 21Shares to issue options on Bitcoin futures. It was mentioned that the new offer is based on a 21Shares offer that is already traded on the SIX stock exchange in Switzerland. Said Swiss stock exchange is now taking a further step to increasingly establish itself internationally as a crypto provider. The company wants to achieve this through a financial entry into the Omniex platform. Six understands its own decision in response to an increasing need on the customer side.


Customers should get more security for crypto trading

Many customers are increasingly keen to invest money in BTC, Ethereum and the various altcoins. The new stake in the US stock exchange is intended to meet this interest. In this way, customers should benefit from secure crypto access; the exchange and the new partner are silent about the investment amount. This aspect does not play a significant role for potential crypto investors. In Switzerland, digital assets are likely to continue to attract public interest. The standardization of trade is particularly important for interested parties, as there is a lack of such standards on crypto portals in many places.