“Only play money” – US politicians make an unwanted plea for Bitcoin

A plea for Bitcoin
As CNN reported on Friday, the negotiations were “on the verge of breaking off” at this point, as the two political camps have considerable differences over the amount of Corona aid. Winklevoss does not find it understandable that politicians estimate so widely different amounts of money to achieve the same goal. That would say more about the value of the US dollar than about the political differences.
“The US dollar has become such play money that politicians are several trillion dollars apart in their aid negotiations. Can you still remember when a billion was a large sum? ”

“If this isn’t a wake-up call and a plea for Bitcoin, then I don’t know either.”

Winklevoss’ words come at a time when investors are increasingly fleeing to stores of value due to the weakness of the US dollar. Accordingly, both Bitcoin and gold have seen strong gains recently. Meanwhile, his twin brother Tyler Winklevoss commented on the news that the American bank Goldman Sachs, which is generally critical of Bitcoin, has appointed a separate managing director for digital assets.“ Goldman Sachs is now also using Bitcoin. What a turnaround after they published their ‘Don’t buy Bitcoin’ report 3 months ago, ”said the other Winklevoss brother.