Max Keizer advises on Bitcoin as an alternative to protests

Bitcoin (BTC) is the only real way out for Americans to strengthen themselves. Protests don’t work, as popular TV host Max Keizer explained. In the latest issue of Keiser Report on June 23, Keizer made an open assessment of the current socio-economic situation in the United States.


Protests “bring nothing” compared to buying Bitcoin

The U.S. central bank’s response to the corona crisis has exacerbated inequality, as he and co-moderator Stacy Herbert argued. The George Floyd protests were also due to economic oppression and not just police oppression. Two known factors are responsible for public anger. These are the Cantillion Effect and the “Zinsapartheid”.

The cantillion effect means that by printing money, wealth gets into the hands of those closest to the source, while the poor pay more to borrow. In contrast, loans to banks and large corporations are either free or even subsidized, which means that they are paid to borrow money.

“Black people in America are never treated like white people in America. They will never experience justice in white America,” said Keizer.

“The only thing you can hope for is individual sovereignty. The only way to get there is through savings in Bitcoin. That’s the best way to get there.”