Lots of people go for American silver and gold coins

US silver and gold coins

In the wake of the corona virus pandemic, the demand for silver and gold coins in the United States has increased enormously. Current U.S. Numbers Mint show that the mint has already sold 120,500 ounces of gold in the form of the American Eagle investment coin in the course of the month. This is already the largest monthly sales since November 2016. In the previous month only 7,000 ounces had been delivered – in January at least 60,000 ounces. The silver heel exploded just as strongly. There are 4,832,500 ounces of the American Eagle variety in the books for March. A higher monthly result was last reported in January 2016.


Corona Limitations?

The question, however, is how long the U.S. Mint can still shape at this pace. Their director David J. Ryder wrote yesterday to his customers in his letter. He expects the corona crisis to have an impact on the operation of the American mint. He explains: “As part of the federal workforce, we have and will continue to follow all guidelines that are made available to the federal government, including the information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The choices I make will undoubtedly affect sales data, availability, and delivery of some of our numismatic products, and there may be longer waiting times when you call our customer service number. For this reason, I ask you for patience and understanding in this unprecedented time. “