Harald Seiz book “Die Zukunft des Geldes” (The future of money) – Gold revolutionizes the payment system!

In Europe, we are living in times of peace, the economy is growing and we can say with certainty that Germany is prospering. But when it comes to money, there is serious sense of uncertainty among the population. It is not just a feeling but a reality that the value of money is constantly falling and the risk of inflation is rising. In his book “Die Zukunft des Geldes” (The Future of Money) author Harald Seiz addresses the concerns of the population and talks about the external indicators that influence the future of money.

He writes in detail about the problems of debt money, about the risk of the complete depreciation of national currencies and about the much discussed and alarming abolition of cash. Since Harald Seiz, founder and CEO of Karatbars International, is a visionary and expert in the financial industry, his book “Die Zukunft des Geldes” (The Future of Money) does not read like a dystopia. He talks about solutions for the future of money and sees gold as the means of payment that will prevail in the global monetary system. Karatbars has already laid the foundation for a golden future for money by creating an alternative currency with physical gold in the smallest denominations.


Printed numbers are transient, gold is a real value.

Every banknote in the conventional financial system is a promise that the central bank and the state make about the redemption of value. But past monetary systems have shown that promises can be broken. With every monetary union, every bank crash and every restructuring of the financial market, the currency then in force seemed to become less valuable. Harald Seiz sees the future of money in a value-stable asset that serves both as investment capital and as a globally recognized means of payment. Neither inflation, nor the abolition of cash, nor the volatility of the classic financial market will have to give rise to concerns about the future. By departing from the conventional monetary system and looking at alternatives for the future of money, many of these concerns are no longer part of everyday life. Instead of national currencies, focus on the future of money is on gold and thus on a precious metal that was already used as a means of payment in medieval times and that has remained stable in value during all crises, wars and economic slumps. Value stability plays an overarching role in Harald Seiz’s consideration of the future of money.

Because only a stable and secure future of money makes people independent, relieves worries and promotes positive thoughts.


A safe haven and flexibility – the future of money

Escapism into material assets shows just how important a safe haven is in the future of money. The popularity of cryptocurrencies shows that flexibility in payments is of primary importance to most people. It is an undeniable fact that the future of money does not lie in a debt currency and that the euro zone is not immune to the risk of inflation. In his book “Die Zukunft des Geldes” (The Future of Money), the author describes various scenarios, deals with external influences and shows what the revolutionized payment system with gold could look like in the future.