Corona virus has no effect on Bitcoin miners

The corona virus has affected supply chains around the world. But the Bitcoin mining industry is largely spared.Four Bitcoin mining companies said in an interview that while the supply chains for newer machines were broken, they faced few major problems. At least one company is fully prepared for the pandemic and all employees are now working from home. And with the improvement in conditions in China, things are starting to return to normal.

“There will be more people working from the office, going to restaurants and going out. Of course everyone takes COVID-19 very seriously and wears masks, but things are starting to return to normal. So I don’t expect any supply chain problems from China in the near future,” said Thomas Heller, global business director of the F2Pool mining pool.


“We have had no problems with our mining equipment suppliers. We see demand at the moment driven more by halving demand by Bitcoin in May than by Covid-19. From our own experience, we expect our latest delivery of 1,000 S17 + machines to be delivered and installed on time in accordance with the agreements with our supplier.”

However, the closure of supply chains around the world has had an impact on some Bitcoin mining companies. Several miners are struggling with procurement of new machines in the supply chain.