Buffett denies, Steem roasts Tron Boss

Tron’s founder Justin Sun has had problems to solve in the past few days. Soon after Sun named his own company’s native coin, TRX, a shit coin, which attracted criticism of crypto-use, another issue came up that he had to explain – even in connection with a number of controversies in the The past – namely the (un) famous Warren Buffett lunch. Sun had praised the event as well as the billionaire and cryptoseptic himself, saying Buffett is now a Bitcoin (BTC) owner since Sun gave him 1 BTC and 1,930,830 TRX.

Buffett said in a CNN interview this week that he doesn’t have BTC or any other cryptocurrency because he kept pointing out how he believes crypto is useless, worthless, and used for illegal purposes. Although it was a pleasant dinner, his opinion has not changed, the critic says, since Sun and the guests’ view of crypto was not changed by Buffett either.The cryptoversum looked towards Sun for an explanation. “The BTC / TRX cryptos that Mr. Buffett owns remain intact with the blockchain evidence, which is the beauty of the blockchain,” Sun wrote in his defense. “I will not interpret Mr. Buffett as a crypto investor, which he is not.

He only received BTC / TRX I as a gift on his Samsung Galaxy Fold, which has given him a 20% return so far!”Sun added that the dinner was a success for the charity, but also that if Buffett really did make his own cryptocurrency, as he joked in the interview, he would support it, sparking a new round of criticism from people who said that he only proves Buffett’s point of view.As a reminder, Sun won this dinner in an auction and paid $ 4.57 million in revenue from BitTorrent (the data exchange protocol purchased from Tron), which went to the charity Glide Foundation.

It was scheduled for July and postponed due to Sun’s alleged kidney stones and possible Chinese Communist influence. When the dinner was finally held in January, some people were surprised.While some don’t trust Sun, others believe Buffett’s age is working against him when it comes to recognizing the value of new technology, and there are those who argue that dinner has been a success for crypto given the many talks in the big media.


This was not the end for Sun, because soon another question arose that required an answer – this concerned the Steem (STEEM) blockchain and its popular app, the content-sharing platform Steemit. Steemit was acquired by the Tron Foundation, which was announced via a tweet, and much to the community’s dissatisfaction, it seems.

Fearing that Tron, as a key stakeholder, would take control of it, Steem implemented a reversible and customizable soft work to “ensure that the security and decentralization of the Steem blockchain remains intact.” STEEM tokens held by accounts operated by a certain group of accounts have been disabled, i.e. they cannot be used to vote or gain control over the network in any way.

At this meeting, I hope to hear many voices from the Steemit witnesses to learn and understand how they think Steem can grow together and how Steemit Inc. can communicate with the witnesses on a regular basis,” said Sun.Meanwhile, STEEM fell 7% in the last 24 hours and 27% in a week to USD 0.20 at 12:50 p.m. UTC. TRX changes hands at $ 0.020 after faling 4% in one day and 4% in a week.