BTC killer? Big bank with plans to own coin after criticism of Bitcoin

Just a few months ago, Goldman Sachs held an online meeting for its customers in which, among other things, Bitcoin as an investment was discussed. BTC was, how could it be otherwise, presented as a bad opportunity to invest your money. But according to current statements, the big bank does not seem to be as “anti-crypto” as one would assume. In an interview, a Goldman Sachs executive speaks about the possibility that GS will issue its own token.

Goldman Sachs “digital fiat token ”as a BTC killer?
During an investor call in May, Goldman Sachs told its customers that they would not recommend anyone investing in BTC. Instead, the bank said the leading cryptocurrency was not an asset class.Now, around 3 months later, Managing Director Mathew McDermott speaks in a new interview with CNBC that the investment firm is investigating the commercial feasibility of creating its own digital token that would be linked to a fiat currency.
“We’re exploring the commercial feasibility of creating our own digital fiat token, but it’s still in its infancy …”

It is not yet certain whether Goldman Sachs will actually launch its own crypto currency. At this point, we can still answer the somewhat provocative initial question about what effects the introduction of such a token from BTC would have: none at all.