Blockchain: According to SportyCo, the key will be to support the next generation of sports stars

London-based SportyCo has created a platform that enables direct investments in emerging athletes

London-based SportyCo is working on a blockchain that will help aspiring athletes realize their full potential. The company has developed an investment-based approach to sponsoring young athletes that enables ordinary people to participate in the lucrative world of professional sports.

The blockchain has numerous uses in the sports areas and could in areas such as records, fan engagement, ticket sales and support for athletes that would otherwise be underfunded. From an investor’s perspective, it is an interesting option to be able to support athletes. Instead of restricting itself to betting on events, the SportyCo platform is intended to secure investors a share in an athlete’s future income, both for competitions and for so-called endorsements.


Invest in the future of the game with SportyCo

There are very few ways to financially participate in the world of professional sports unless a person is very rich. SportyCo changes this, which could be a great development for both fans and athletes. It takes a lot of work to become a top athlete. It also costs a lot of money. They are likely to have few sources of income, and if they do not have financial support, they cannot compete with other athletes who have received support. Anyone investing in promising young athletes must be prepared to take a significant risk in order to share in the profits if the athlete they support becomes a top contender in their sport.