Bitcoin price: is Bitcoin still on the way to 14000 USD?

Bitcoin price forecast – it still looks good in the monthly rate!
Neither the MACD nor the RSI are giving bearish sell signals, and the Bitcoin price was able to form a higher high point, with Bitcoin being about to target the golden ratio at the $ 13,800 mark. However, it currently seems to be of great difficulty for Bitcoin to leave the range between $ 11,500 – $ 12,500 … In the last Bitcoin price forecast from July 28th, when the Bitcoin price was $ 9,307, we wrote:
“And that could be the case now. Although the Bitcoin price seems to be struggling with the price level at $ 11,500, Bitcoin should now be able to find support at the $ 10,000 mark and target the $ 13,800 mark.”

Bitcoin price forecast – will there be a correction to Bitcoin in the short term?
There are first bearish signs in the daily rate. The Bitcoin price is in the bearish price pattern of the rising wedge, while the RSI shows a bearish divergence. In addition, the MACD lines have crossed bearishly and the histogram is ticking bearishly lower. However, it is not very clear how strong the correction could be. After all, the weekly and monthly price still looks very bullish. Accordingly, the Bitcoin price could already bounce up at the $ 10,000 mark or already at the 0.382 Fib level at $ 10,900, in order to make another attempt to break the resistance between $ 11,500 – $ 12,500.