Bitcoin manga released in Japan

A new Japanese manga is about Bitcoin, which further underlines the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies.The Bitcoin manga is called “Genesis Code” and was released in Japan a few days ago. The manga is published as part of the Young Animal magazine and is from Hakusensha. On April 28, an advertising trailer for the manga was published, in the course of which the associated cover picture was also presented. The main protagonist holds a coin on it, which in turn is provided with a Bitcoin (BTC) logo, which illustrates the key role of the cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin emergence as a framework for action

According to a summary of the official website, the plot of the manga revolves around how Bitcoin came about. Accordingly, it played in 2009 when the cryptocurrency was introduced.The main protagonist is Phantom Wolf, a hacker who has to deal with his father’s sudden death. At the same time, he is taking part in a competition in which the puzzle about the creation of Bitcoin is to be solved. The winner can win 1 million BTC as prize money.As the publisher writes, the implications for Wolf are even more dramatic because the competition is about life and death.Minor characters of the manga are a female streamer and two supporters of the hacker, and a mysterious smartphone app also takes center stage.


Manga branch in crisis

The Japanese manga industry is currently in a crisis that was primarily triggered by Internet piracy. For example, pirated copies of manga are uploaded to illegal websites, causing significant losses to the industry.Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are a popular means of payment on these pages in order to collect “donations” and to keep the business running. All the more ironic that the market leader is now the subject of a manga.