Bitcoin grows – Potential corona ingredient stirs up hope

The University of Chicago Medicine has conducted a promising clinical trial with a new drug that appears to alleviate the symptoms of Covid-19. At the same time, the Bitcoin price (BTC) is also recovering.While positive news about a Corona vaccine is spreading, Bitcoin prices are rising again, and stock markets are reacting to the positive news.


Our market update.Corona News bring momentum to the markets

The University of Chicago Medicine has achieved initial success in the fight against coronavirus. Statnews reported yesterday that treatment with Gilead Sciences’ Remedesivir has shown a recovery in fever and respiratory syndromes. The clinical study involved 125 people, some of whom were seriously ill with Covid-19, almost all of whom were discharged from the hospital after a week. The announcement did not fail to have an impact on the financial markets. Both the US indices and the leading German index turned significantly positive at the close of trading. The crypto market also grew again, with total market capitalization rising by 6.3 percent within one day to just under $ 203 billion.