Bitcoin donations to fight the corona pandemic in Africa

The Bitcoin trading center Paxful has launched an Africa Fund: Donations are to be collected in the form of Bitcoins, which are used to contain the Corona virus in Africa. The New York-based company wants to use the money to finance and distribute food, hygiene items and protective clothing. It is currently not known in which countries in Africa the organization would like to help.Under the motto #BuiltWithBitcoin, the company relies on cryptocurrencies, unlike conventional aid organizations. Only donations in Bitcoin are accepted because the world’s largest cryptocurrency is intended to serve everyone. The flow of donations can be transparently tracked via the blockchain.


15k worth of Bitcoins already donated

The company even submits and has already donated $ 15,000 worth of bitcoins, and all donations up to $ 15,000 are said to be matched. Paxful creates a further incentive for potential donors. The company’s CEO, Ray Youssef, states that the company firmly believes in success and can make the world a better place.According to the experts, Africa could benefit greatly from cryptocurrencies, but these have so far hardly been used there. There are 1.7 billion people without a bank account or access to a bank.