Bitcoin close to $ 10,000 after seven-year high in gold

After the bitcoin price was almost over $ 10,000, it fell for the time being. The Federal Reserve has a positive outlook, while gold is at its highest in seven.At the early start of the week early Monday morning, Bitcoin would have just surpassed the $ 10,000 threshold. Buyers drove the price on the Bitstamp platform to always $ 9,966. An intraday high in Binance of USD 9,960 is also impressive for the coin.The maximum just below the psychologically important threshold of USD 10,000 came about at the end of the main trading hours in the Asian markets. This led to optimism in the already good situation in Europe and the USA.


Followed by gold and oil price trends

The Bitcoin price followed the gold and oil price trends, both of which increased significantly.The currency pair BTC / USD climbed to a preliminary high of USD 9,966 at Bitstamp after a price of USD 10,100 was almost broken on Friday, which could also have compensated for the futures gap on the CME. On Saturday, however, the BTC price dropped again to an intermediate low of $ 9,300, so the increase at the beginning of the week was almost $ 600 up within two days.Since that increase, the correction has dropped to just over $ 9,700. The volatility developments reduced profits in the area of intraday trading. At the time of going to press, the price of Bitcoin rose by a manageable 2.29% in the daily chart. Now it is important to prevent a drop below the support line at USD 9,720. The current target price is $ 9,900.