Bitcoin (BTC): Mysterious wallet transfers just under 1 billion USD

On Twitter, a Bitcoin block bot posted an impressive move on the Bitcoin blockchain. A total of just under $ 1 billion in BTC was transferred from one wallet whose owner is unknown to two different wallets.


$ 1 billion in BTC – who owns so much?

$ 1 billion in BTC In most cases, such huge transactions can only be done by exchanges or custodians. In the past, we have witnessed transactions involving such an asset at one time or another. However, these were mostly attributed to exchanges.

According to the information currently available, the wallet from which the transactions originated belongs to an unknown company or an unknown person / group of people. On June 27, 2020, the wallet started with a relatively large transaction. As you can see here, the total 101857.24568009 BTC of this transaction are divided between two different recipients.


One wallet received exactly 5,000 BTC (approx. USD 48 million), while the remaining amount of 96857.24568009 BTC (approx. USD 888 million) was transferred to the other. In total, the transaction was close to $ 1 billion in BTC. The wallet, which received approximately USD 888 million in Bitcoin, is now the second largest known active Bitcoin wallet. Only the Huobi wallet is filled to the brim.