Bitcoin (BTC) censorship on YouTube

Apparently, a new wave of censorship against crypto channels has started on YouTube. This time, channels are not deleted outright, but instead are condemned to a silent siege by so-called shadow banning:

Since the end of 2019, there have been repeated censorship measures by the world’s largest video platform YouTube against channels that deal with cryptocurrencies. For example, popular commentator and programmer Ivan on Tech was affected, and analyst Tone Vays recently in April.In the case of the latter, the entire channel with around 90,000 subscribers was deleted. Fortunately (probably also because of pressure from the crypto community), recovery was quick.


Shaddow Banning against YouTuber

As the YouTuber MMCryto recently denounced, YouTube has now switched to shadaddow banning. The affected channels (including Crypto Zombie and Altcoin Daily, for example) are no longer recommended or are increasingly difficult to find using the search bar.


Compared to direct channel deletion, this is, in a way, even the more perfidious method: after all, fans can easily be mobilized to resist if their favorite commentator is banished in one fell swoop. If, on the other hand, its visibility is simply restricted further, there is no such outcry.