Bitcoin: a ban in USA would be no issue according to greyscale

Increase in popularity for bitcoin

Although the tense relationship between the governments of the world and the increasingly popular Bitcoin is no secret, a Bitcoin ban is no longer feasible. The CEO of Grayscale, Barry Silbert, is convinced of this. It is not surprising that President Donald Trump and US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin have frequently criticized the speculative nature of Bitcoin. Nevertheless, a ban on Bitcoin that appears on Wall Street and in Washington D.C. Support is growing ever wider to be far away. At least that’s what Barry Silbert, CEO and founder of Grayscale Investments, which belongs to the Digital Currency Group and manages funds, manages various crypto assets.

“The risk of a Bitcoin ban is behind us”
For example, Silbert was “cautiously optimistic” about the development of the US regulatory landscape, as the Forbes news service reported on July 19. The reasons behind his confidence are the sufficient number of “political decision-makers and regulators who support Bitcoin’s right to exist.” In this context, Silbert refers to the work of organizations such as the Coin Center. This is one in Washington D.C. resident nonprofit research and advocacy center that deals with political issues related to cryptocurrencies.